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Teaching Teaser on the Reformer

Teaser on the Reformer are you a lover or a hater?? OR Are you a “I’ve never tried it or taught it before - er”

When I first started teaching Pilates, I didn’t even really know what a Teaser was (I know shock horror!) So it’s pretty safe to say I was not teaching Teasers to my clients! I really only began teaching it to my clients in recent years. I wanted to make sure they were ready for it, strong enough, balanced enough and safe enough! PLUS! I needed to try to do it myself first! In the process of trying to teach myself Teaser, I broke the exercise down into smaller easier building blocks! Once I got the hang of one exercise I’d teach my clients the layers leading up to that! (always trying to stay a step ahead!) I’ve done that with most of the advanced and more challenging repertoire! So if you are anything like me and you are a little bit worried about Teasering or teaching any of the more challenging exercises, then I totally advise you to give my method a go. 1. Break the exercise down and make it easier 2. Practice these variations yourself 3. Be taught the exercises by someone else 4. Try teaching the building blocks to your clients

If you need help trying to break the exercises down, then I totally have you covered! Check out the variations of Teaser I taught myself and my clients to help build them up to the full Teaser, just click the button below

And if you need some help making time for your own self-practice then come join me for my next TEACHERS ONLY Live Online Reformer Class.

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