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If you're anything like me and you love yourself some FREE stuff, then you my friend are in the right place!  Here are some free resources I've made to help you become the most Kick Ass Pilates Teacher Ever!

Teacher Toolkit

Ready to transform into a reformer teaching master?


We've got your back with our guide to crafting the perfect full-body reformer class.


You'll be teaching like a pro in no time. With our step-by-step guide you'll receive 

  • A Class Planning Structure

  • Guide for creating your very own exercise sequences.

  • Our proven strategy for creating your very own Exercise Toolbox

  • Class Planning Sheets

All of this will help you save time planning and make your classes smoother than a baby’s bottom.

Download our Toolkit Today

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Reformer Pilates Class Plans

Feeling overwhelmed planning reformer classes? Need a little inspiration to help get you started?  Download our 2 Free Magic Circle Reformer Class Plans

Sample Exercise Clusters

Want a little taster of the sorts of Exercise sequences you'll find in the Pilates HQ App?
Check out these 3 Clusters below!

Want to see more?

Then sign up for your 14 Day Free Trial 

Hey while you're here

Why not join our Reformer Teacher Facebook Group.. It too is free! We're a pretty happy bunch and we're always keen to make new friends!

Like what you see?

If you like these clusters, then you're going to Love The Pilates HQ App. Check it out on us for 7 days.

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