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About Me

Hi, I'm Stephanie Neal,
I love food, fitness, coffee and dogs (not necessarily in that order). But mostly I am all about Pilates! I love doing Pilates, teaching Pilates and teaching people to teach Pilates.  Old Joe has had me hooked for over 11 years now.


I'm a Physiotherapist and am trained in clinical, fitness, and classical pilates, so my teaching style is a mish mash of all of the things I love and connect with from each of these methods.

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My story

My love for Pilates has driven me to create a thriving space for both instructors and enthusiasts alike.


It started out from humble beginnings with mat classes in my local town hall, then to a home studio, and eventually opening a fully-fledged studio on the main street. After five fulfilling years, I sold the studio and followed my heart to the beach, where I now focus on Pilates HQ and The Pilates HQ App. A resource I wish I had access to when I was starting out as a Pilates Instructor.


Through The Pilates HQ App & Community, I help both new and seasoned instructors to confidently teach All Levels Reformer Classes that their clients can't wait to come back to.

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I'm not just a Pilates enthusiast; I'm a lover of life outside the studio. Spending time with my husband, Bayden, and our doggos, Duke and Bobbi, is what lights me up. You'll often catch me laughing too loud, singing out of tune, binge-watching Netflix, trying to learn how to surf, and of course, rocking Pilates tights and ugg boots – it's a lifestyle!


What you see is what you get with me! I believe in honesty and integrity and in building relationships, a community, and a business with heart and personality!


My goal is simple: to help you lead a happy, fulfilling life, doing what you love while surrounded by people who inspire and support you.


Come join me and meet our community inside The Pilates HQ App

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