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Meet The Team

As much as I’d love to be your magical Pilates Unicorn, conjuring all the sweet moves your heart desires, reality check: we each possess our own unique set of skills..
You’re a diverse bunch, with distinct personalities and teaching styles, always hunting for a fresh twist, new cues, and class structuring ideas. So, I've set aside my dreams of becoming your mystical Pilates guru and have rallied a Team of Pilates Unicorns.


These Pilates Instructors are downright fantastic, each sporting their unique flair, voice, and Go-To Sequences they can't wait to share! Now, you've got the cream of the crop when it comes to Pilates Teachers. You can Pick what resonates with you most to craft your very own unique Pilates teaching style.

So let’s meet these Magical Pilates Peeps

Jordana Martin

Jordana is based in Canberra where she owns and operates a kick-ass studio Feel Better Pilates. Jordana is a freaking Pilates Superstar and an absolute stellar human! She loves moving and exploring all shapes in her clusters and enjoys a killer OG flow in her self-practice. She believes that building strength is the single most empowering thing we can do for our clients and you'll find this passion exudes in her teaching and her exercise selection.


Ash McDonald

Ash is certified Pilates Instructor based in Airlie Beach, QLD, and owns and runs her own studio Principle Movements

Here, she offers a multitude of different class styles, including

Dynamic & Stretch Reformer, Circuit, Mat Classes & more.
You can expect to see some firey flows that reflect all of the class styles she runs at her studio and some clusters that "bring the burn". Ash's passion for Pilates and her beautiful personality shine through in her teaching style and will give you a diverse skillset to observe and gain inspiration from

Tenille Dore

Tenille is a certified Pilates Instructor and owner of a home studio, Tenille Dore Pilates, in Geelong.

Her clients, many of whom were beginners, have now become addicted to their pilates practice, just like her. What Tenille cherishes most about being an instructor is witnessing her clients become stronger, healthier, and happier with each session.

Her mission as an instructor is to cultivate a positive, supportive, and inclusive space for everyone. Tenille's exercise clusters are designed to be challenging yet accessible for all.
She's all about those flowing full-body classes that bring both the burn and the fun, offering a range of options for both your clients and your classes.

Tenille Dore.jpg
Nic Deturt.jpg

Nicole Deturt

Meet Nicole, a Mat and Reformer Pilates Superstar, and the proud owner of ND Pilates, her home studio in Ballarat. Beyond her passion for Pilates, Nicole wears many hats, including that of a dedicated mom to two girls, a cat, and a mischievous adolescent dog. By day, she works as an early childhood educator, a role that has finely honed her patience, a quality that shines through in her teaching style and overall demeanor. Nicole is well versed in using all the Pilates props, from small balls and magic circles to Swiss balls, booty bands, and therabands, to name just a few. This savvy instructor will treat you to some prop-tastic clusters in The Pilates HQ App. Her teaching forte lies in crafting clusters that focus on balance, igniting that booty burn, and inspiring clients to push just a little farther and longer. When you dive into Nicole's library of clusters, you'll discover a rich variety, spanning from Mat to Reformer. Each one is carefully designed to provide your clients with an effective workout, all while benefiting from Nicole's cool, calm, and collected instructions.

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