Teaching the Advanced Exercises without Overwhelming your clients

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

It's time to stop avoiding teaching the advanced exercises and get smarter and more strategic with the way you teach them. I know I know, there's just soo much to these advanced exercises, So many movements, so many instructions and cues, it's crazy overwhelming to even think about, right? Well, here's how you can ditch the overwhelm and finally start to teach the advanced exercises to your clients (plus, they won't be overwhelmed either).

1. Break the Exercise Down into It's Components

2. Teach each of the Components separately

3. Start to Join some of the Components together as they learn

4. Combine them all together to teach your Advanced Exercise

Here's a little example for you! Upstretch Components to Teach your Clients Elephant, Plank, Longstretch Teach Each of these exercises to the clients first Once they understand and can do each of these exercises start to add them together Eg. Elephant into a Plank moving the carriage, Elephant into a Plank with Longstretch Repetitions Elephant into a Plank with the carriage closed Then Combine Each of the skills together to complete the Upstretch Elephant shape - to - Plank - to - Longstretch - to Elephant shape again! SIMPLES! (sort of) You can see an example of how I Breakdown and Cue Upstretch Here

It's You Turn Now! Steph

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