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Simplify your Reformer Pilates Class Planning

So that you can stop wasting hours scrolling online AND spend more time doing what you love!

Almost every reformer pilates instructor I speak to spends way too long researching and planning out their pilates classes. They feel the need to keep classes interesting, varied and creative so that their clients don't get bored. BUT in the process end up wasting hours each week planning classes and teaching classes that don't get the clients the results they want and need.

If there's one thing I could tell my younger pilates instructing self, it's this! Stop worrying about your clients getting bored, instead focus on helping them see results in their practice and creating connection with them in each class.

So if you've stumbled upon this blog, here's one thing i want you to STOP doing! STOP making things more complex than they need to be and INSTEAD Keep it Simple!

Here's how!

  • Pick some key exercises and movements to teach to your clients and plan out your class using these!

  • Next time you plan to teach your class, keep the same basic movements and structure of your class plan but add in one or two small tweaks (throw in a magic circle or a dumbell, or teach them one new exercise you didn't teach last week)

  • The Next time you teach your class start the class in a different position to what you did the week before, and change the order of the exercises you taught the week before.

  • The Next time you teach your class add in a new series of exercises that you didn't teach the week before (don't make it up, use exercises you already know how to teach)


Before you know it your clients will be mastering the exercises that you've been teaching them, and be ready for a new challenge or progression.

By adding in one new sequence or exercise every few weeks you'll be just pulling from your toolbox of exercises that you already know, your clients will have time to master the movements and you'll realise that you know enough exercises already without having to make them up.

Here's an example of how I might keep things SIMPLE and SIMILAR but add variety

Week 1 - Teach my clients Footwork in Supine and Abdominal Series in Supine

Week 2 - Teach my clients Footwork and add in Single Leg footwork and Bridges, BUT for their abdominal series teach them Roll backs

Week 3. Teach my clients Footwork, Bridges, and use some Dumbells, add in Side lying Footwork with foot on the bar and teach them Abdominals in Supine again

See how the start of each of these classes is fairly similar BUT each one has something different in it that the last class didn't have, AND I've done all of that without having to scroll on Instagram and find a NEW exercise, they are all exercises that I learn in my teacher training, NOTHING fancy, just SIMPLE AND SIMILAR and EFFECTIVE!

How can you simplify your teaching this year, so you can spend less time scrolling online and more time doing more of the things you love?

Steph Want to STOP wasting time coming up with NEW Exercises each week and create a SIMPLE SYSTEM for planning out and teaching your classes, then HQ ACADEMY is 100% for you, click here to find out more and apply or send me an email at

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