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5 Tips for New Pilates Teachers (That I wish someone had told me)

Starting out as a Pilates Teacher is an exciting and scary time. You are feeling fresh and inspired to start to take what you have learned put it into practice, and share it with as many people as you can. But, there is still a lot for you to learn and so many new situations for you to navigate.

This eagerness to learn and grow, and make back the money you spent on your teacher training course, may lead you down a track of saying YES to everything that gets thrown your way AND saying NO to some of your own self-care time. And this excitement to put everything you've learned into practice and the desire to want all of your clients to love you and your teaching can lead to overwhelm when it comes to teaching and planning your classes.

These 5 Tips will help you to navigate this tricky time as a new teacher and will hopefully help you to avoid some of the mistakes I made along my journey.

  1. Be Yourself! Your Personality, your cues, and your experiences are what will shape you as a teacher and will make you unique!

  2. Pick out around 10 clusters of exercises that you feel confident teaching and teach these in the beginning This will help you feel more confident in how you engage with your clients and improve your cueing. PLUS, it's a hell of a lot less stressful than trying to come up with new plans each week.

  3. Don't Say Yes to Everything Take your time working out what times and classes suit you, and what studios you feel good working in.

  4. Don't Give Up Your Self Practice to teach more hours This is a big one, Your pilates practice is what brought you here in the first place, it's what helps you stay connected to Pilates and to your clients' experiences. Find a way to make your practice part of your weekly routine.

  5. Remember Your Why. Remind yourself of why you started teaching Pilates and practicing Pilates yourself and Why you want to share this with others. This will help you to say YES to the right opportunities and feel more comfortable about saying NO to others. It will also help you feel aligned in your teaching and to provide the right experience and environment for your clients in each class.

Which one of these do you need to hear today?

What advice would you share with your previous self as a new teacher?

Steph P.S If you are a Reformer Pilates Teacher wanting more tips, free trainings and videos CLICK HERE to join my FREE FB Group (you'll also get 5 Free Reformer Class Plans)

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