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How to Teach Advanced Reformer Exercises

Without feeling tongue-tied and overwhelmed.

New Reformer Pilates Teachers tend to make one of these two mistakes when teaching advanced exercises

  1. Try to teach the advanced exercises without focusing on building the basic skills and strengths to their clients first (setting their clients up for failure)


2. Feeling so overwhelmed by how they would even cue the exercise and explain the movement to their clients that they don't even try to teach it.

Want to know the secret to getting past these two mistakes?

  1. Understanding the movements and areas of strength and mobility that are required to perform the advanced exercise

  2. Focusing on building up these areas in no. 1 first (before even attempting the advanced exercise)

  3. Recognise the building blocks and the components that make up the advanced exercise

  4. Practice these movements first (again before even attempting the advanced exercises)

  5. Combine the components and building blocks together to teach the advanced exercise

Here's an example of Step 3 - 5 using the exercise Upstretch

To work out the building blocks/components of Upstretch we break the exercise down into the following Start Position Elephant Middle Position/s Elephant >> Plank >> Longstretch Exercise >>> Plank >>> Elephant End Position Elephant

By doing this I can see what exercises and components to teach my clients first before I even attempt the Upstretch Then when I'm ready to teach Upstretch I combine all of that together, less cueing for me because they already know how to do the movements we just have to add them all together.


You can apply this principle to any of the advanced exercises. We will be doing this for the exercise of Snake in my upcoming Workshop on October 30th. So if you struggle teaching Snake then this workshop is going to be perfect for you. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE SNAKE WORKSHOP AND BOOK BY CLICKING HERE Steph


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