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How to Get Back into Exercise After a Break

Have you ever had time away from your regular exercise routine?

Maybe from an injury, covid lockdowns or life getting busy? Or maybe you've had a Christmas & New Years that's extended beyond Christmas and new years? If you have, then you know the challenge that comes with trying to get back into exercise after an extended break and the thoughts that can start to swirl around in your head too.

“I’ll start next week”

“Once my back feels better I’ll go back” “It’s been so long though, I don’t want to look silly.” "I'll go to a class once I'm a bit fitter."

And the rest…am I right?

I’ve had a few injuries and niggles over the past year, this coupled with a long time spent in my home gym has meant I’ve had many of these same thoughts flying around in my head. Yep, that’s right, even though I’m a physio and I teach Pilates, I’ve found myself nervous about stepping back into a pilates studio and even though I’ve been doing my own sessions at home I’ve found myself a little anxious about performing certain exercises and heading into a gym setting. So I’ve taken baby steps, my friends. I’ve been doing 1:1 sessions online, and slowly building up my strength and endurance at home by introducing more weight and new/old movement patterns. So, I wanted you to know that if you are worried about getting back into your old routine after a break or an injury, that there is absolutely more than one option out there for you! You don’t have to just jump straight back into the same setting you were in before, and you shouldn’t jump back in doing the exact same exercises and weights and repetitions that you were doing. Here’s a couple of things you can do though;

1. Try doing a 1on1 session.

Find a trainer or health practitioner that you feel confident in and comfortable with and get advice and support to help you get moving safely and in a way that feels right for you. This is especially good if you find you get anxious in bigger group settings.

2. Take things slowly

It’s easy to get a little over-excited when you first start back exercising but try to resist the urge for going “all or nothing”. The body needs time to get accustomed to new movements and loads, so take things slow and steady when you are getting started. This will also help reduce the risk of injury.

3. Try going with a friend!

Why not try to go to your first class or your first gym session with a friend? Take someone that will make you feel a little less nervous and tackle the first hurdle together.

4. Do an online class or 1:1.

If it's the environment of a gym or a new space that makes you anxious, why not try an online class or private (1:1) session. You can then be in your own home, in a space where you feel the most at ease! And if you feel like you need a little more guidance then I can totally help you out! We can work together to build your confidence back up and help you to regain strength and mobility to get you back to whatever it is you desire!

You don’t have to do this alone, and you definitely don’t have to wait “until you feel better” or stronger or more confident. As a physio and a pilates teacher, I understand the body uniquely and can help you find the movements and exercises that will be right for your body. We can work together to get you back to feeling stronger, healthier and more confident in your own skin. So if you’ve been putting off heading into a class, the gym or getting back into exercise try out some of the tips I've outlined above or get in touch and we can work on it all together.


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