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How to Fill Your Pilates Classes and Create Raving Fans in the Process

This week I've been thinking about how I can best help the Reformer Pilates Teachers in my Mentoring program (HQ Academy), teach classes that their clients Love coming back to week after week! And after some thought and chatting to my clients I've come to realise that it's NOT all about the Exercises!

My clients love my classes, but it's not just the exercises that they come for! They come for, the community, the laughter, the other people who are in the class, they come because they like me.. and then they come for the exercises! It's about the overall experience that you give and create for your clients! So if you are wondering how you can create classes that your clients love attending week after week here's my advice

1. Create an Experience in your studio and your clients

- Think about how you want your clients to feel when they enter your space and when they leave your class and try to bring this into your the whole experience that is your class

2. Create Community

- Introduce yourself to your clients, learn their names and something about them (build rapport)

- Introduce your clients too each other, help them to form friendships so they'll want to keep coming back to see their friends

3. Relax and Just Be You

Stress less about getting your cueing and exercise choice perfect and Relax. Allow your own unique personality to come through in your teaching and your interactions. Just Be you!

Do all of these things and I guarantee you, you will create a space that your clients will love coming back to week after week!

Dr Seuss really did say it best...

Want help building raving Pilates fans, filling your classes and teaching and planning kick ass Reformer Classes? My Mentoring Program - HQ ACADEMY is just for you! - Find out more about it here


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