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Hands on Assists for Pilates Teachers

I'd love to know where you stand on using Hands-on Assists and Tactile Cueing in your Teaching? Are you a lover or a hater (or a never learnt-er) Personally, I'm a lover!

I find great value in using tactile cueing and feedback to help my newer clients & anyone learning an exercise for the first time, find a position, understand a movement AND/OR facilitate and provide confidence and reassurance for new movements. But it's important that you know when and how to use your hands in the exercise so that you can provide the most value to your clients without causing them to become reliant on it. Here are a few tips for using hands-on in your pilates classes 1. Always ask for consent first! 2. Try to use visual demonstration and verbal cueing first to see if your clients can work it out in their own bodies first. 3. If you do use hands-on assists be sure to start to remove your hands-on facilitation after the first couple of times AND as the client progresses in their proficiency. You want to allow them to feel the movement with your help, but to be able to find and feel the movement without it too. So what were you? A lover or a hater?

Steph P.S If you are a Reformer Pilates Teacher in Victoria Australia, I'll be teaching a 2 hour workshop in Ballarat Victoria on Saturday 19th of March - going into more detail on when to use hands on assists and providing you with demonstrations of how I use them to enhance my clients learning. You'll have time to practice these techniques too! Click here to Book Your Spot or send me an email at to find out more

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