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What to do when your Reformer Class Plan, doesn't go to Plan.

Ever Taught an exercise in class only to realise, it was too hard for your clients? You had another option up your sleeve but it was too hard as well?

Cue the red face and sweaty palms.... What do you do if your client can't perform the exercise you've chosen?

Here's the thing, we see clients of varying abilities, body shapes and sizes, and ages every class!

What feels right and ok for one client might not feel that way for another... and that's ok! It's why you need a solid Exercise Toolbox that you can draw on!

Full of exercises that you feel confident to make easier (right back to the basics) AND make harder (through to advanced) And with easy ways that you can modify and adapt the exercise for niggles and injuries that might pop up mid class. Here's what I teach the peeps inside HQ Academy to do 1. Pick Exercises you feel confident teaching 2. Create at least three levels of difficulty for that exercise 3. Understand how changing the springs or reformer setup could affect your clients 4. Have a variation up your sleeve for an injury or ache/pain RINSE & REPEAT And you'll have a toolbox of exercises to call on when teaching your classes !

Steph P.S Want more help teaching reformer classes to all Levels - Join my Free FB Group Here

OR Check out HQ Academy here

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