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What to do when you have a New Client in Your Pilates Class

Ever had this happen to you?

You have your pilates class all planned out only to arrive and realise that you've got a brand newy in your class 🙋 Aghhh! 😳They've never done pilates before And 😳 They haven't exercised for a few years You gulp 😞, your palms get sweaty 🥵 and you frantically try to rack your brain as to how you can change your class plan.... The class ends and you think to yourself... Well that didn't go to plan!🤦 Sound familiar? Don’t worry if this has happened to you before, it’s happened to us all at some point, and you’ll become a better teacher for it… if you try to learn from that experience. Here are a few little tips to help you for next time...

1. Check your class lists before you teach - your software should tell you if someone is new! 2. Know how to modify the exercises you teach to allow you to 👍- make the exercise easier & beginner friendly 👍 - adjust the exercise for a specific injury/pregnancy 👍 - make the exercise more challenging for clients that are more experienced 3. Understand what exercises are beginner friendly BUT can be adjusted and made more challenging for those in need 4. Don't be afraid to stray from your class plan - but also remember you don't have to change it all completely if you can do number 2. 5. Don't be too hard on yourself.

What exercises would you choose to teach to Beginner/New Clients? Not too sure? Get my free lesson on what exercises are Beginner Pilates Exercises by clicking the button below.


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