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What Springs Should I use for each Exercise?

As a new Pilates Teacher it can be tricky to get the hang of what springs to use for what exercise and when!

Here are some tips to help you out

1. Practice the exercises

Have a play on the reformers you teach on so you can get used to how the springs feel. (Different brands of reformers might have slightly different spring tensions)

2. Play around with changing the springs

Try using a lighter spring on an exercise you'd usually use heavier springs on (and vice versa) and so how it changes the exercise for you.

What muscles do you feel work more or less when you do this?

This will help you understand how you can change your springs to change the intention of an exercise.

3. As a general rule if an exercise is supporting your body weight against the springs and gravity Eg. Longstretch

Heavier weights = more support (to a certain degree)

Lighter weights = less support which means it can make the exercise more challenging for the client (they have to work harder to hold up their own bodyweight)

Try some exercises out for yourself and change the springs around to see how it feels. Steph P.S Want tips for your class Planning and Teaching? Join my Free Facebook Group for Pilates Teachers

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