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Ditch the Variety Trap: Build Stronger Clients with Effortless Reformer Pilates Class Planning

Ever feel the pressure to constantly reinvent the wheel? You know, those moments where you stare at a blank page, desperately searching for "new and different" Pilates exercises, only to start from scratch every week?  Been there, done that (way too many times)!

Here's the truth bomb you might not want to hear: variety isn't the key to client engagement.

In fact, it can lead to burnout for you and hinder your clients' progress.

Early on, I fell into the "more exercises equals better teacher" trap. I'd overload classes with variety, convinced it kept clients interested. But the reality? It left me burnt out from endless online scrolling and my clients confused by the constant changes. ‍

The magic happened when I embraced consistency and progression. Instead of endless variety, I built classes with a clear structure and focused on repetition with progression. This saved me tons of planning time and, more importantly, helped clients truly build strength and improve their movement practice.

Another game-changer? No more scrambling to cue the "next new thing" every class. Ditching the variety hunt meant I wasn't glued to my plan, desperately searching for words. Instead, I was present with my clients, offering personalized guidance, laughing together, and letting my personality shine through. That's what fosters a strong client connection and keeps them engaged! That's what keeps your clients coming back week after week!

Planning classes doesn't have to be hard or time-consuming.  And your classes don't need to be constantly new and different to retain clients.

Ready to ditch the variety trap and build stronger clients?  

The Pilates HQ App can help:

  • Craft a Class Structure: Follow our guided lessons or copy mine!

  • Develop Exercise "Clusters": Utilize our library of over 400 Reformer Flows and 100 Mat Flows - all tried-and-tested by instructors. Pick yours or create your own! ‍♀️

  • Repurpose and Refine:  Learn to repurpose your existing classes or use our weekly sample class plans as a springboard.

  • Progress Your Clients:  Layer your clusters for all levels and watch exercise tutorials to confidently guide clients towards advanced repertoire.  ⛹️‍♂️‍♂️

  • Focus on the Client Experience: Learn how to welcome new clients and create a comfortable, community-focused studio.

Get Your FREE 14-Day Trial!

Ready to transform your class planning and build a thriving Pilates community? 

Sign up for your FREE 14-day trial of the Pilates HQ App today and unlock the secrets to building stronger clients through consistent, effective classes!

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