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How to Teach Multi-level Pilates Classes

Having multiple abilities in one class is a juggle for the most experienced of teachers, so if you are finding it challenging then the first thing to know is that you aren't alone in this. Getting good at teaching multi-level Reformer Pilates Classes requires you to understand how to do a few key things

1. Know how to regress & progress any exercise by changing some key factors about any exercise (click the button at the bottom for the free cheatsheet to help you do this) - This includes changing the Range of Motion Load, Positioning of the client Lever

2. Know the key factors to change about any exercise for clients that are in pain or discomfort This includes changing the Range of Motion, Positioning of the client, Load Lever

3. Create an ALL LEVELS Toolbox of Exercises that you can create at least 3 levels of the one exercise using the factors mentioned in 1 & having changes you can make for that exercise should someone have an injury or ailment.

Practice teaching these same exercises until you feel more confident to adapt, modify, cue and teach all of these exercise for your clients and you will feel way more confident in teaching multi-level classes.

Want help regressing and progressing the exercises so that you can teach all levels classes with more ease? Get my FREE CHEATSHEET below


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