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Tips for Teaching Open Level Pilates Classes

Teaching open-level pilates classes is one of the most challenging styles of classes to teach.

There is so much that we have to focus on as pilates teachers. With so many varying levels of abilities in the class; Brand NEW clients, intermediate clients that are quite happy plodding along, Advanced Clients and that’s without adding in the client that tells you they have an injury, 5 minutes before class! It can feel like a lot of pressure to try to meet all of our clients' needs in this one 45-50minute session. So I wanted to try to ease that pressure with a few quick tips, things that have helped me over the years!

1. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself!

A lot of Pilates teachers I meet place so much pressure on themselves to get everything right and to meet everyone’s needs in their classes and studios, every single day and class! It’s a lot of pressure right! So my first tip is to give yourself a break! You are doing an incredible job!

2. Know how to Regress & Progress the Exercises

Understand the key factors that you can change in any exercise in order to make it easier or harder. And be sure to understand how that change effects the exercise (does it make it easier or harder). For example; BASE OF SUPPORT - a larger base of support will make the exercise easier LEVER LENGTH - a shorter lever will make the exercise easier TIME UNDER TENSION - shorter time under tension will make the exercise easier, (less repetitions, shorter holds, shorter smaller movements)

3. Know at least 3 variations of each exercise you teach

Once you can do the above, be prepared, with at least three variations of most exercises you commonly teach. Aim to know how to make the exercise easier, harder AND how to alter the exercise for an injury.

These three tips should set you up for success when you are teaching your next Open Level Reformer Pilates Class, for more variations of exercises including regressions and progressions be sure to check out my Instagram page @pilates.hq Want more specific help with your teaching, class planning and creating exercise variations? Join my 3 Month mentoring program - to help you become a more confident teacher - Click here to find out more


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