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How to Teach Any Pilates Exercise

The key to teaching any of the Pilates exercises is being able to break the exercise down. I talk about this concept a lot because I believe it is so important to your understanding of an exercise, which in turn helps you teach it to your clients with much more ease and success. But how do you break an exercise down? To me Breaking an Exercise down is being able to pull an exercise apart and separate it into segments, these segments include

  1. Start Position

  2. Middle Position/s - often more than one position

  3. End Position - generally the same as the start position

Once you can establish what each of these positions are for an exercise then you can look at what the movements are that will take the client from 1 > 2 > 3, and this will be how you explain the exercise and teach the exercise to your clients. Let's have a look at a Pike to Plank for example. 1. Start Position - is a Pike

2. Middle Position is Plank

3. End Position is a Pike

Your next step is to work out what movement needs to happen to take the client from 1>2>3 What the video below for example of what I might say

The main difference between doing this for a basic/beginner level exercise and an Advanced exercise is that an Advanced exercise will have more middle position/s and movements to cue and will often require an extra step or two to help your clients get in and out of the exercise Safely. Give this a go with an exercise that you are finding challenging to teach at the moment, and if you want even more help teaching the Advanced Exercises then why not check out my online course and Mentoring Program Pilates HQ Academy - just click the button below


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