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When I first started teaching Reformer Pilates Classes, I found it so challenging working out how to plan a well-balanced class. I used to spend hours searching google for sample class plans and scrolling Instagram for exercise ideas, and then I'd put some exercises together and hope for the best.

I always had the same questions

"What do I include in my class?"

"How do I know if I've challenged them enough?"

"What exercises work well together?"

When I went through my teacher training, I learned the individual exercises, what muscles they worked, and how to teach them to someone, but, I was never taught how to plan and teach to a class, so I had to work it out on my own.

I did and I now have a system for teaching my classes, which means I am not left scrolling Instagram, Youtube, or Google for exercise ideas and inspiration. It has made my life so much easier, and my teaching much more enjoyable, which is why today I'm sharing 5 tips to teaching a well balanced and Kick Ass Reformer Class!

  1. Give your clients a full-body workout every class Imagine that this is the only exercise your clients are doing each week, you want to give them a full-body and balanced workout. I like to make sure all of my classes  include; Warm up exercises, Arm work, leg work, abdominal series, Fullbody integration & mobility/stretches

  2. Make it Flow  Try to keep the spring & position changes to a minimum (3-4 of each).

  3. Use blocks or clusters of exercises Layer your exercises whilst the client is in one position to increase the challenge

  4. Have a goal or theme for your class (this one's my favourite). Rather than randomly stringing together a series of exercises, Pick ones that help teach your clients something. Maybe try to teach them a movement pattern, an exercise, something new about their body.

  5. Make it Fun  Don't be afraid to be yourself crack a joke, make them smile!

Steph Xx

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