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3 Tips to Help You Get More Pilates Clients

I know it's a tricky time at the moment, especially for us Victorian's who are still not able to be teaching back in a studio. We are all getting a bit of zoom fatigue and maybe like me, you've used this time to make some changes in your life! 

Maybe you've decided to go out and do your own thing (online or IRL)?

Maybe you've moved town or teaching at a NEW studio?


Maybe you've taken the plunge to become a Pilates Teacher and you are super NEW to it all?  Whatever your situation I know you've been thinking about how you are going to grow your client list? Well, you are in luck my friend, because I have 3 tips that will help you grow your client base and your following. Here we go;

Get Out In YOUR Community

  • Get yourself out there IRL or online. Tell people who you are and what you do and why you are a freaking rockstar!

  • Go where your ideal clients are Is there a local coffee shop or hair salon that your ideal client would be likely to hang out? Maybe there's a Facebook group that you know your client is part of! Whatever it may be, go there, interact with the group or the people in the cafe and become a little more known in your community.

Get Your Ass To Class!

  • If you are teaching in a NEW studio get your butt to classes at that studio!

  • Show up and introduce yourself to the clients, find out why they come to the studio what they love about pilates.

  • Tell the clients and the teachers at the studio who you are and that you are teaching classes there now.

  • When I ran my studio, Pilates HQ, the teachers that made an effort to get to class each week always had the best client numbers in their classes because people knew who they were and could get to know them.

Offer to Run a Complimentary Session

  • Run a FREE class for the other Pilates Teachers at the studio, or for the health practitioners that you work with, so they can get to know you. They can see for themselves just how incredible you are and what kind of classes you teach. 

  • If people don't understand how you teach and who you are they won't be sending clients your way, will they? 

That's it gang! Your 3 tips on building your client base and your following, now it's your turn to get yourself out there!

I share loads more tips and trainings like this on how to grow your following, create connection with your clients, and retain your clients in my online Mentoring Program Pilates HQ Academy. If you want to learn more about it click the button below

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