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Teach Classes Your Clients Can't Wait to Come Back to

The Pilates HQ App lets you focus on what you want to do best – confidently deliver engaging classes and create a community your clients can't resist coming back to. Because they feel they're part of the best Pilates crew in town.


Our exercise sequences are like the missing puzzle pieces for your classes, designed for seamless integration. They come with cueing that's as clear as day and choreography so simple, you'll feel like a seasoned pro from day one. Say goodbye to those endless hours lost in the YouTube rabbit hole or mindlessly scrolling through Instagram for ideas. It's time to bring the confidence back into your teaching for good.


Our secret sauce? We'll show you how to master the art of exercise modification and effortlessly handle those multi-level classes like a champ. Our exercise sequences are like a delicious layer cake of progressions, giving your clients the freedom to go at their own pace. Your role is to be the nurturing guide that makes them feel safe and supported every step of the way.


Here, you can be you, no holds barred. Ask all the questions you've got, and soak up the wisdom like a sponge. This is your space to nurture your own practice, grow, and thrive within our gorgeous community of fellow Instructors who will fast become your personal high-five squad. You'll also get direct wisdom and responses straight from the Pilates HQ creator herself, Steph. It's like having a personal Pilates mentor on speed dial.

Join The Pilates HQ App and Community


Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we've got your back with a whopping 962,822,846,700 class plan combinations (no we can’t say that number either - but it's huuuge!) and a community that's as friendly as your favorite workout pal.


Say goodbye to those hours spent wracking your brain for class ideas. With Pilates HQ, you'll slash your planning time and still deliver classes that are nothing short of amazing. We're all about making it easier and more fun for you!


Pilates HQ lets you focus on what you do best – confidently delivering engaging classes and creating a community where your clients feel right at home, like they're part of the best Pilates crew in town so they can’t resist coming back for more.


Get ready to supercharge your Pilates class planning with The Pilates HQ App.

It’s your ultimate BFF for all things Pilates.

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Hey there!
I'm Steph,

The mastermind behind Pilates HQ. I created this resource because I know that your training (like mine) might have left a few gaps in the skills needed to confidently and sustainably run awesome Pilates classes over the long haul. We're talking about gaps like knowing which exercises go together like ugg boots and pilates tights, how to adjust your class for all skill levels, and the secret sauce to not only leading fantastic classes but also nurturing a community that your clients absolutely adore.


If you find yourself burning the midnight oil, spending a whopping 4 hours planning a single 60-minute class, and feeling like you're on a solo mission to make this happen, then I need you to know that Pilates HQ is here to save the day.

We're talking more than 300 clusters for the reformer and 100 clusters on the Mat, Tower & Chair. (that's more combos than you can shake a foam roller at), a nifty class planning crash course, and regular workshops on must-know topics like unlocking your inner Lesley Logan, creating heartfelt connections with your clients, and keeping them engaged and loving your classes. Plus, our community is the warm and fuzzy hug you've been looking for in an industry that sometimes feels like trying to fit into those tight Pilates pants after a holiday feast – a bit challenging!


Let's be real, this is the resource I would've killed for back in the day when I had my own studio. So, if you're ready to ditch the class-planning struggle and embrace the Pilates journey with open arms, scroll down and see what’s waiting for you.

"You've created an epic place for teachers to feel so supported!"


"I now have a repertoire of regressions, progressions, and variations..."

"The exercise toolbox is so great to have in your pocket all the time..."

“After joining the Pilates HQ Community I now have a repertoire of regressions, progressions, and variations which allows me to teach on the fly & give my clients a more personalised approach in a multi level class.”

“Steph is like a little pocket trainer. She’s always there when you need her. The exercise toolbox is so great to have in your pocket all the time so even on the go you can just watch a little cluster of hers and chuck it in your program.”




Welcome to the heart of our Pilates universe - The Pilates HQ App, your trusty sidekick for all things class planning and self-practice. Inside this treasure trove is the endless inspiration and variety you've been hunting for in your classes.


Exercise Sequence Library: Where the magic happens – endless exercise combos await your creative touch.

Sample Class Plans Classes ready to teach, no planning required. We've done the hard work for you.

Bi-Monthly Mastermind: Your chance to build connections and ask your burning questions, you're not alone anymore. 

On-Demand Reformer Classes: Your go-to for classes anytime, anywhere – we've got your back!


Exercise Regressions + Progressions: Unravel the Pilates puzzle with ease, no more guesswork.


Dive Into The Pilates HQ App


Ready to ditch the class-planning struggle and embrace the Pilates journey with open arms?

Here's How:


Sign up for 14 Day Free Trial & Download The Pilates HQ App


Start delivering engaging classes and create a community where your clients feel right at home


Release your inner Lesley Logan! Feel hell-a confident & have more time to spend on the things you love.

"...and literally 20 minutes to tweak a class? Golden…"

“The Pilates HQ App has really helped me to begin programming better, and literally 20 minutes to tweak a class? Golden… I think it’s really helping me to get a member base too. I have a little group of regulars forming and I adore them.”


"Having The App has given me the confidence..."

"Your videos are super helpful! Having The App has given me the confidence to put together my own sequences and adapt the exercises to the individual clients.”


...this has seriously saved me as a new instructor"

"My favourite thing has been how awesome it’s been in helping me with my class planning. My training did not equip me for writing practical, flow classes. Additionally, the spreadsheets have changed my life. It makes planning SO MUCH EASIER! So easy to keep track of what I’ve done where and then modify or reorder to teach again. This has seriously saved me as a new instructor starting my teaching.



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Download the Pilates Teacher Toolkit

Fully loaded with helpful tips and tricks to perfect your teaching as well as advice on how to plan a flowing full-body reformer class.

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