Where to Start?

Are you Injury Free and looking for a way to get stronger, healthier and more mobile?

YES! Then Reformer Classes Are Your Jam!
(Follow the Steps Below to get classes at the best price! )

NO, Then our Group Rehab or Studio Classes are perfect for You - Find out more here


1.Purchase the “Intro Offer”- 4 Reformer Classes for $85*

*to be used within 14 days of your first class

2. Book into Our Beginner Reformer Classes Here


Nervous About Getting Started?

Why not start with a 1 on 1? Get a head start on how to use the reformer and feel a little less jittery at the first class you attend. Our “Super Starter” is the way to go


1 x 1on1 (45minutes) + 3 Reformer Classes* =$120

*Reformer classes to be used within 3 weeks of first class