Survive the Winter with Pilates

Now is the ideal time for a Pilates’ pick-me-up.

We get it. It’s cold; it’s dark, and most likely it’s raining. Of course, it seems easier to stay in your warm house than head to Pilates HQ. In reality, maintaining regular physical activity becomes more important over winter, making it the perfect time of year to start or step up your Pilates routine. And here’s why:

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Stay loose and limber
We all start to feel a little “stiff” over winter. As we work to stay warm our muscles can become tense. We also tend to not drink enough water in winter, which also contributes to the tightness of the muscles and joints. Regular Pilates sessions will help alleviate that tension, warm you up and have you reaching for the water bottle – all of which will keep you lithe and help avoid injury.

Fight off those winter blues
Winter can be a mental challenge. No one knows that better than Ballarat people! Shorter daylight hours and cold, grey days can make each day feel like a slog. Exercise releases those lovely, mood-altering endorphins to make you feel good, improve your wellbeing and reduce anxiety and depression. Not to mention, we love to have a bit of fun in our classes. An hour with us will have you walking out the door smiling.

Pilates a day keeps the doctor away
Well, maybe we’re exaggerating a little. Yet research shows that regular exercise strengthens your immune system so it can fight off bacterial and viral infections. Increased blood flow through your body, a side effect of exercise, helps to push immune cells around more quickly, helping them to seek and destroy infections. The increased circulation will also help you stay warm.

Be mindful though that this immune boost only lasts a few hours after exercise. So you need to exercise regularly to get the full benefits. If some of your activities have paused for the winter, consider picking up another class or two with HQ.

Avoid the “winter coat”
We’re not talking about the one you hang-up in the wardrobe. We mean the dreaded extra kilos that seem to accumulate over winter. Rich food, red wine, less outdoor activity and suddenly we don’t fit into our summer jeans. Pilates is the answer. Not only is it indoors (meaning weather is never an excuse), we can make it tough! So for those of you who suddenly find yourselves restricted to the indoors, our instructors are ready to ensure you don’t lose tone or fitness while you wait for the sun return.

If your physical activities have paused for the winter, consider picking up a class or two with HQ. Newcomers are welcome any time so invite your friends and let them enjoy some of these great health benefits with you.

For further information about class times and fees, visit the website or give us a call.

Steph and The Pilates HQ Team