Why you CAN do Pilates!


Before I went on holidays, my Pilates clients kept asking me the same question.
"When you're in France will you eat frogs legs?”
And each time I thought, "hell no I ain't eating no frogs legs".
I'd never tried frogs legs before but it was a frog and I decided I wouldn't like it and I didn't want to eat it.

But when we actually ordered frogs legs I thought ”I can't go to France and not eat frogs legs.”
So I did it, and despite what my mind was telling me, it actually tasted pretty good (sorry Kermit).

HQ Pilates (1).png

Do you ever do this with anything?
Tell yourself you can't.
Convince yourself there's no way that you could do something or that you would like something?

I think maybe you do!

Do any of these sound familiar?

I can't do Pilates.
I'm not fit enough.
I'm not strong enough.
I'm not flexible enough.
There's no way I can do that!
Hell no I ain't doing that! That looks way too hard for me!

When we tell ourselves these things, they feel like such truths. BUT in actual fact they are just a belief - something we believe to be true.

When this holds us back from doing something, learning something, or achieving something, it becomes a limiting belief.

So the next time your sentence starts with something like... I can't…. I'm not….. enough. Remind yourself that this isn't a truth and that you can do these things that scare you.

Here's how you can turn things around:

1. Start small

Break the task down and take little steps that are less daunting.

Want to start Pilates but you are telling yourself you can't?

Why not start with 1on1? Learn the basics to help realise that you can!

Want to try a new class level or a challenging exercise?

Start small by adding in little parts of the exercise, or by starting with just one class at a more difficult level.

2. Remind yourself of your success

Remember the little things you did well and find real evidence that you CAN!

Remind yourself that you did an extra rep of the exercise than usual, or that you didn't tire as quickly as last week doing the hundred.

When you hear those limiting beliefs creep in, remind yourself of this.

3. Surround yourself with positive support

Be around a group of people or a person that helps lift you up gives you confidence that you can do the things that scare you.

You want to be around people who give you praise for any and all of your success and who dust you off, pick you up and encourage you try again when it doesn't quite work the first time.

This is what our instructors do and this is exactly what kind of support you get from the other members in your class at HQ too.

So now that you know YOU CAN, why not challenge your beliefs a little more and book that first class?

Or jump into another reformer class level (intermediate advanced or tempo flow).

Your HQ Tribe and Teacher will be there supporting you every step of the way… Go Eat that Frog Leg!

Steph & The Pilates HQ Team