What Type of Pilates HQer Are You?

Do you camp outside the studio hours before your class, just to make sure you get “your” reformer?
Do you only use reformers on one side of the room?
Do you forget what class your booked into and turn up just hoping that you have turned up at the right time?
Do you love making noise, you love a good groan when the exercises get tough or maybe you count down out loud when you know your instructor has got distracted?

Which Type of Pilates HQer Are You?

  1. The HQ Groupie

  2. The Loud HQer

  3. The Forgetful HQer

Answer our Quiz here to work out which HQer you are! or maybe you just want to make up your own mind by reading the descriptions below.

HQ Groupie

You like to get to class early so you can get your favourite machine, maybe the shoulder pads are just the right fit, you like the extra padding on your toosh or you like to get the reformer without the light in your eyes!

You have all the latest HQ Merch and newest grippy sock styles!
It depends on the day and the exercise, you try to keep your cool but sometimes you have to grunt and groan or start counting so your teacher stops sooner!

Loud HQer

You love your HQ classes, you like to get your classes in each week but you are not afraid to make some noise!

Scooters/ Lunges, Holds - You'll let your teacher know that you love or hate them and will groan and grunt and carry on, but who cares because you know it's good for you. 

You don't hold back, you give everything a go, but if your teacher forgets to count or misses a beat you'll sure as hell tell them!

Forgetful HQer

You love your HQ classes, but you always forget to book in ahead of time, waitlists are your friend either that or you are reminded to book a class or a new pack because Steph or Jess sent you a reminder text. 

You often forget to pack your gym gear, so you do class in your work clothes, sometimes you forget your socks and you are forced to buy those damn Grippy socks. 
On occasion you turn up to class and are not too sure if you are there at the right time!

Take the Quiz and Let us know what type of HQer you are and if you agree or disagree?

Steph & The Pilates HQ Team