3 Ways to Make More Time and Start Pilates Classes Today!

I know you want to start Pilates. You’ d love to start Pilates, but you just don't have the time. We totally get it, life is hard and it’s not easy to juggle work, kids, partner, housework as well as make time for yourself on a daily basis.
But I think if you try one of these techniques below each week you will be surprised at how much time you will free up! Time that you can use to start that Pilates Class!

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Here are 3 Things you can do this week that will help you free up more time

Reduce Time Spent on Social Media
Did you know that on average Australians spend 1hour 39 minutes on Social media a day!!!!
Wowee - Cut that habit out right there - minus the bit where you are scrolling while you are on the toilet and you’ll free up about 1 hour 30minutes in your day.
That gives you plenty of time to get in a quick walk/jog some meditation or even one of our 45minute Reformer Classes.

Reduce Time Spent watching Television/Netflix/Stan - whatever your poison

Did you know that on average Australians spend 74 hrs and 58mins watching Tv a month - thats over 2hours a day!
Cut back on some of your netflix watching and you can gain yourself some extra YOU TIME.

Maybe you could watch your favourite TV show whilst you ride your exercise bike, or do your home Pilates workout.

I know, I know, you love a good netflix binge and a little facebook stalk is always fun - but if you were to scrap these two habits from your day you would free yourself up an extra 3 and a half hours - 3 and a half hours for YOU! That’s at least 4 Pilates Classes!

Batch Your Tasks

Batching - is when you lump all similar tasks into one continuous block. It is a great tool that I often use in my business to help Get Sh%t Done. Batching can also be applied to your everyday lives though.
Instead of doing lots of little tasks throughout the day try popping tasks together to help reduce prep work or travel time and to help increase your focus and productivity, thereby saving your time!

Here are a few things to try to Batch together

Chores - Batch your housework into one chunk of time, chose a day for washing, vacuuming etc.

Shopping - Gather your groceries in one big trip to the supermarket, to save yourself on fuel and time. Want to save even more time and not have the kids to worry about? Why not try ordering your groceries online - cut out the hassle of going into the shops altogether and have them deliver it to your door. (I have been doing this and LOVE it!)

Cooking - Try Meal Prep, cook all of your lunches for the week on one day in one big batch, or cook up a few different casseroles for your dinners! Save yourself from prepping meals every night of the week.

Give these batching techniques a go and see how much time you can save yourself!

Now that you have more time to take care of your body through Pilates, it’s time to join the HQ Team:

See if you can put one of these tips into practice each week, and just see the minutes add on to your day! Turn these extra minutes into time you spent on you in a Pilates Class and you will soon see how finding this time for yourself and your health NOW will actually end up adding time to your life later on!

Steph & The Pilates HQ Team