What Is Pilates?

And what is the best way to get started at Pilates HQ

So, you’ve heard your friends talk about how much they love Pilates, but you’re really not sure what it is!
Is it all stretching? Is it like Yoga? Do I have to wear Lycra?
If you’ve had questions like these then you are not alone, we get asked these questions and more all of the time.

To be honest though, I find it quite difficult to explain What Pilates is.

So, I’ve decided I will explain it a little in my own words, and then use some of our Clients’words, and see if this helps you understand Pilates a little better.

Beginner, Reformer Pilates, Buninyong Pilates,

Beginner, Reformer Pilates, Buninyong Pilates,

So…What is Pilates?

Pilates comes in different forms; Mat (which requires minimal to no equipment), Reformer (find out what that is here) and Studio (Performed on many different Pilates Apparatus depending on what your body requires).

At Pilates HQ we offer both Reformer and Studio Pilates Classes, which may at times include elements of Mat Exercises throughout.

Now you might be thinking, Steph, it’s all well and good to have different types of Pilates, but that doesn’t actually explain to me what the hell it is… I know I’m on it…

To me, Pilates is a mindful movement practice; a collection of movements that require you to connect to what you are doing, how you are doing it and how it feels to you and your body in that moment.

Pilates is a practice that takes you through many different movements to build strength, length, mobility and symmetry throughout your body. It teaches you awareness and control of your movements as well as confidence in your body what it is capable of achieving.

Still a little confused about what Pilates is?

Well, here are some of the things our clients have said about Pilates?

Georgia Shillito

“It’s a whole body workout where you leave feeling fatigued and invigorated. It means gaining strength you never thought you had. It’s time for yourself with a group of people who chat, laugh and support each other.”

Coby Fisher

“A Workout for the entire body, gaining strength and balance while in a self controlled Rhythm”

Reformer Pilates Buninyong

Reformer Pilates Buninyong

Jo O’Kelly

“I love everything there is to a Reformer Pilates class. I love the challenge of moving my body with an instructors direction. I love most the strength and flexibility elements…”

“once class formally begins and I focus on the instructors voice, her guidance and then allow my body to move; my mind calms, my body calms and when I leave, I feel much more in control.”

Sheridan Barber

“Pilates is an overall body workout so you never really know what's going to feel a bit sore the next day!”

Clare Douglas-Haynes

“...it is an all over body work out and I can see results and feel them.”

“Plus mentally it’s nice to tune out and just focus on breathing and exercises for the 45 minutes.”

Like the sound of all of that but still a little perplexed as to what Pilates really is?

The best way to get an understanding of what Pilates is and whether you and your body will love it, is by trying it!(And by trying it, I don’t mean like you do with food, a little lick or bite to get a taste.)

To really know if Pilates will be your new Thang! you need to experience it, and stick at it for at least 6-12 weeks, 1-3 times a week (that many times?? See our other blog here on how often you should do Pilates) This gives your body and your mind the chance to get used to a new way of moving and to start to see some benefits.

What’s the best way to experience Pilates at Pilates HQ?

Below are our top 2 choices of how you should start Pilates at HQ. These are what we believe will set you up to have the best experience possible, especially if you have never done Pilates before.

  1. Our INTRO TO REFORMER PILATES COURSE - (Next intake is May 13th only 2 spaces left)
    In this course you start out with other people new to Pilates and over the 6 weeks are taught the basics, including how to use the reformer and some of the exercises commonly included in our Beginner Reformer Classes.This sets you up with a great foundation and will allow you to see if Pilates is for you. (Find out more here - or email us here)

  2. STARTER PLUS PACK - (See more info here)
    This Pack kicks off with a 1on1 with one of our beautiful Pilates Instructors (followed by 3 Beginner Reformer Classes). You will be introduced to the Reformer and some of our common Beginner exercises. This session aims to help you feel more comfortable and at ease when entering into a Beginner Reformer Class.

So now you know what Pilates is your next step is to take the dive and experience it for yourself.

If you are keen to get started with one of our above options get in touch with us here!, We can’t wait to help you on your Journey to becoming Healthier, Happier and Stronger!

PB: If you have any significant injuries or health conditions then you best to send us an email here or give us a call on 0429578987 so we can help you decide on your best options for starting Pilates at Pilates HQ

We look forward to seeing you in the Studio Soon!

Steph & The Pilates HQ Team