HQer of the Moment - Kellie Walton

This month’s HQ-eR of the moment is Kellie. Kel joined the HQ fam about three years ago after struggling to recover from a not-so-spectacular wakeboarding face plant and subsequent lower back injury. While she was skeptical about pilates at first, she was keen to try something new in the hopes it would give her some relief. It didn't take long for her to see and feel the benefits of pilates and all these years later, she is still rocking up every week, sometimes twice!

1. Were you feeling nervous or anxious about your first class and why?

I was a bit anxious as I really didn’t know much about Pilates and had certainly never seen a reformer before.  I didn’t think Pilates would be my “thing”! I was fortunate to have several one-on-ones with Steph who always made me feel comfortable and my confidence quickly grew. Steph convinced me I really needed to strengthen my core and so the journey began…


2. What is your favourite Pilates exercise and why?

Can’t believe I am saying this but probably planks-pikes with a push up thrown in. Maybe even a knee stretch or two! They really get my heart rate up and I always feel like I’ve had a good workout afterwards.

3. Which exercise is your least favourite and why?

Bridges!!!!!!! I cramp every time!

4. What makes you excited either creatively, mentally or physically about the Pilates method?

I love that Pilates can be done at so many levels.  I started doing clinical classes with a focus on rehab, which quickly progressed to reformer classes for fitness, then back to clinical and so forth. Unlike many other exercises, I always feel like I won’t injure myself doing Pilates and can always modify exercises if I need to. It is gentle on the body but still a great workout.

5. What has kept you interested in Pilates and why do you keep coming back to class each week?

Every class is different and you never quite know what the class will bring.  Will it be tummy, arms, will I walk out the door with jelly legs, will I have a good laugh, will I achieve something new? One constant is that I always leave “just feeling good”.

6. What improvements have you noticed since coming along to Pilates Classes regularly?

My lower back has improved dramatically.  By strengthening my core it has improved my back and although I still have flare ups they aren’t as severe and don’t last as long as they did pre-Pilates.  I can also swap to clinical classes during these times and focus more on rehab rather than fitness. I love the flexibility this provides. I also feel much stronger and am probably more flexible too.

7. Do you have any advice to give someone that is thinking about starting Pilates?

Just give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose.  Don’t worry about your current fitness level, flexibility, age, weight, size or outfit because nobody else does. Pilates is for everyone and that’s what I love about it. It’s a really relaxed welcoming environment and the benefits for me have been great.

Thanks Kel

Steph & The Pilates HQ Team