Reformer Pilates – Intro Course vs Beginner Class

What can you gain from the course that you can’t from a class?


At Pilates HQ we welcome newcomers at any time. You can join any of our scheduled beginners’ classes and feel confident that you’ll be taken care of, shown the ropes (and the springs), and be eased into the exercises at a pace that is right for you.

However, on Monday, July 30, we are starting one of our Intro to Reformer Pilates Courses – a six-week program, open to anyone, no matter their age, fitness or physical ability.

What are the benefits of starting this way? Well…

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1. Everyone is a virgin

One of the biggest benefits of joining the introduction program is that you’re in a class of newbies. No one has been on a reformer before. We have eliminated any potential embarrassment or nervousness about being the only one who’s out of their comfort zone.

2. Slow and steady

Lots of time is taken to explain how the reformer bed works (which is a good thing because let’s face it, it’s a little daunting); and how to do each exercise correctly, engaging the right muscles. Extra time is also given to practice the exercises, which is handy for some of the trickier ones, like when your feet are in the straps. Yes, the same happens in the beginner classes, but not to the same level.

3. It’s a six-week commitment

Why is this better? Because it gives you time to feel comfortable using the reformer beds and doing theexercises, so by the end you will really know if it’s right for you. It’s also a good amount of time for you to start feeling the benefits and changes that a Pilates workout provides.


4. You’ll hit the ground running

If you choose to join the HQ family once your introduction course is complete, you’ll find it so easy to slip right into the beginner classes. You won’t feel behind or have to play catch-up. Everything the instructor says will make perfect sense.

5. You’ll get to know an instructor

You’ll have one of our great instructors for your entire course, which means the same friendly face will be there to greet you each week. That’s sure to make feel comfortable and relaxed.

6. You’ll make new friends

The same people will be in your class each week. You’ll get to know one another and be able to compare stories about how you’re finding the new and interesting world of reformer Pilates.

Our next intro course kicks off at 9.30am on Monday, July 30. The cost is $135 and all you need to do to sign up is to click the Book Now button below

Of course, if the intro program time doesn’t suit you, we still encourage you to drop us a line. We can set up a one-on-one session for you, or if you’re the brave and bold type, you can simply join any of our beginners’ classes.

More information about class times can be found here

Steph and The Pilates HQ Team

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