Take a (small) step outside your comfort zone

Trying a different class will be a nice challenge for you

If you’re an HQ regular, you have your regular classes with your regular instructor that you like and trust. This is great! We want you to know us and to feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door.

But how many of us do you know? Two? Maybe three?

Pilates HQ has a team of six instructors, each skilled and qualified, and each brings something unique to their class. Attending a class with someone different can be interesting and even challenging, which allows you to get more out of your class.


Introducing our team and what motivates their teaching:



Steph Neal

Steph is the owner and founder of Pilates HQ. Originally trained as a physiotherapist, Steph gained her Pilates qualification and realised her passion for teaching, so establishing HQ in 2015.

“I love providing people with a challenging class with movements that flow and connect to an end goal. I like to push people beyond what they feel capable of, while making clients smile, laugh and feel better than they did when they arrived.”

Nat McGrath

Nat is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, so she’s well versed in all things health and fitness. Her former career as a maths teacher means she counts better than most instructors.

“I focus on a gentle delivery yet functional approach to movement. I like to move the body in all directions, flexing extending and rotating. I want clients to develop an awareness of their body and to move confidently, so they can do what they love more often and with ease.”



Kirsten Beale

Kirsten has been teaching Pilates for nearly 10 years, giving her a thorough understanding and appreciation for individual abilities and goals.

“I love that Pilates can make a difference in people’s well-being. I learn as much as I can about clients’ bodies and what drives them, to make sure that they can achieve their personal goals. Knowing the clients means I can run a fun class while still addressing their needs.”




Jess Ure

Jess’s background as a professional ballroom dancer and teacher has given her a unique ability to assess human movement. She has a keen eye for correct posture and alignment and will ensure your technique is on pointe.

“I want clients to leave class with a smile on their face and a bit of a burn in their muscles. I love to push clients outside their comfort zones to achieve things they didn't think possible! Clients should leave feeling energised, like they've worked their bodies and had a great time doing it!”




Ellen O’Connell

Ellen is a qualified remedial massage therapist. She understands the complexity of human movement, guiding clients to find the right balance between strength and mobility to help maintain a healthy body.

“I like to focus on alignment and stability before moving and incorporating the breathe into the movement. I like to add some element of balance to my classes as I believe this is something we all start to lose as we get older, unless we practice it.”


Abby Byrne

Abby is a qualified Exercise Physiologist, making her highly knowledgeable in regards to the human body, injuries and rehabilitation, as well as overall fitness.

“For me it’s about creating a space where people can come to work hard, while also feeling comfortable and happy. I want participants to disconnect from any of the day’s worries and focus on themselves, tune into their body and challenge it, and become a stronger version of themselves.”



Jane van Dreven

Jane is a qualified Physiotherapist with a thorough understanding and insight into human movement and anatomy. Jane's knowledge allows her to create rehabilitation programs specific to each individual and their goals.

"I really enjoy participating in Reformer Pilates Classes and I can feel the benefits within my own body. As an instructor I enjoy being able to tailor a program for each individual and their injuries/conditions. I love seeing the improvements that this has on their general health and well being.”

So the next big question is, whose class will you try next?

The easiest way to find out the “who” and “when” is to check out our timetable here. You can also email us with any questions.

We hope you’ll be meeting more of us very soon.

Steph and The Pilates HQ Team