Why Pilates is Perfect for You

It’s time to dispel one of Pilates’ biggest myths

We all know the classic Pilates image. The lady is long, lean and holding a steely pose that has you filled with admiration, and apprehension. Suddenly you start thinking, “I could never do that. Pilates is not for me.”
While the image itself is not a myth (yes that person is real somewhere out there), the truth and indeed the beauty of Pilates is that it IS for everyone. You included. All you need in order to join Pilates HQ is a willingness to try; a desire to improve your health; and some patience.



We all start somewhere

Everyone, even that woman in the perfect Pilates image, was a beginner. That’s why Pilates HQ
classes range from introductory, all the way to advanced. You start where you are comfortable and we support you to move forward at your own pace.

We all have different goals

Some clients want to improve muscle flexibility; others need more joint mobility. Some use Pilates to complement a rigorous exercise regime; while others appreciate the breathing and gentle approach to core strengthening. It can be used for injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. No matter your goal, we can guide and help you to achieve it.

We all want results

Everyone at HQ comes to class to improve. No one is perfect. Even the advanced clients are
constantly learning.
Our classes are designed to progress you through the various stages at a pace that suits you. You won't become a superstar Pilates Athlete overnight. It takes persistence, consistency and a little self-belief. Our instructors are experienced and patient so they will take the time to help you no matter what level you are at.
You will start a beginner, but you won’t stay one. We promise.

We’re ready when you are, to start you on your Pilates journey; once you start you won’t look
Still unsure? Call and talk to us. We’re always happy to answer your questions and put those
concerns to rest.

Steph and The Pilates HQ Team