Stay Strong Through the Season with the Power of Pilates

No matter what type of football you play, adding Pilates to your training will keep you stronger for longer.

Athletes everywhere are embracing Pilates as part of their strict training regime. And footballers are no different. You give me a football code and I’ll give you a list of top players (if not the whole team) who partake in Pilates religiously.

Many players get into Pilates as part of injury rehab, but what the smart trainers now know is that it’s instrumental in preventing the injuries from occurring in the first place.

Closer to home, football teams are currently kicking off their season, with countless hours of training and preparation already under their belt. But staying strong, fit and game-ready throughout the long season can be a real challenge; and this is where Pilates HQ steps in.

Pilates complements mainstream gym work by focusing on the finer aspects of fitness, such as flexibility, stability, mobility and controlled breathing.


How does it work?


Pilates works to lengthen muscles, as well as strengthen them. Increased flexibility of your muscles (such as hamstrings, and calves) can help you avoid injury.


Pilates is all about core and pelvic stability. A strong and stable pelvis and core means your body and its joints are well supported, which reduces the risk of injury and means less time on the sidelines.


Rapid directional changes, kicking, marking, tackling and the efforts required of a soccer goalie, requires mobility. What good is it if you can’t reach your arms overhead because your shoulders are too stiff? Specific Pilates exercises focus on uniform mobility of your spine and joints throughout many different ranges, which will make that zizu turn unstoppable.

Controlled breathing

Pilates workouts focus on controlled and reciprocal breathing patterns, helping you to improve your ability to stabilise without holding your breath – a handy skill to master.

So now you know the how and why to enhancing your game, contact us to learn the when and where of joining a Pilates class.

Our skilled instructors can’t wait to help you bring your game to the next level!

Steph and The Pilates HQ Team