HQer of the Moment - Clare Douglas-haynes

This Month’s HQ-er of the Moment is the gorgeous Clare. Clare started Reformer Pilates after an injury to her lower back.
Like most people Clare had her reservations about coming to her first class. She was worried about how her back may feel and if it would be a waste of time and money, but, these fears were soon quashed, as she started to feel the benefits of her weekly class. Clare has now upped the anti to two classes a week and has even progressed into our intermediate classes.

Read on to find out all about Clare’s Pilates HQ Journey…


What enticed you to try a class at Pilates HQ?

It’s close to where I live and I have always been curious about Pilates! Plus everyone looked happy coming out of the classes!

Were you feeling nervous or anxious about your first class and why?

Yes, I was worried how my back would feel, I was thinking maybe it wouldn’t help and it might be a waste of time!

How do you feel when you finish a class?

I feel great!! I can’t believe how I use every muscle in my body in all the classes , even ones I never knew existed!

How have you enjoyed the challenge of moving into intermediate classes?

I love it. I love feeling how strong my body has become and I am proud to be pushing it in the intermediate class

What is your favourite Pilates exercise and why?

I love the planks!! I feel they really push my body to the extreme every time I do one! Especially the side planks

What makes you excited either; creatively, mentally or physically about the Pilates method?

The fact that it is an all over body work out and I can see results and feel them. My lower back is getting much better! Plus mentally it’s nice to tune out and just focus on breathing and exercises for the 45minutes

What has kept you interested in Pilates and why do you keep coming back to class each week?

I love the exercises and the people that attend the classes, everyone is happy and I love that I am helping my fitness. The encouragement and support from the teachers is a big plus! I have noticed a massive change in my muscle tone which helps too

What improvements have you noticed since coming along to Pilates Classes regularly?

This is really random but I don’t crick my neck anymore or twinge muscles. My body is more relaxed and definitely way more toned. Great muscle definition too!!

Do you have any advice to give someone that is thinking about starting Pilates?

It really is as good as everyone says. I wish I had started years ago and then I probably wouldn’t have hurt my back in the first place!!! I am constantly telling people to join up !

Your body really feels amazing!

Thanks Clare for continuing to light up our studio with your smile, laugh and energy!

Steph & The Pilates HQ Team