Tas is taking over our HQ Blog today to tell her Pilates HQ Story.


My one year anniversary with Pilates HQ has just passed and I could not be any more grateful that I stumbled (or more so limped!) into Steph's hands. 

Before I went overseas in 2015-2016 I finally decided to see someone about pains in my muscles that I had conveniently ignored when working out but simultaneously complained about when I had finished. After some treatments and a diagnosis of my issue Steph suggested Pilates. And that was it - since that day I have been hooked and am back every week (sometimes twice!) 

Initially I started in Clinical Pilates working with Steph and focusing on building up my strength and regaining muscle function etc. It took a solid 8 months of training to improve, however, since then I have now moved on to Reformer Pilates - YAY! I can honestly say that without Steph's guidance I would not be where I am now. With her help and patience, I have gone from having pain after 5 minutes of exercise to now completing PT sessions focused on weight training and muscle strength/toning and running regularly.  I am so much stronger now! I can see and feel the change in my body, my muscles and especially my mind. The atmosphere at Pilates HQ is beautiful. I instantly feel safe and welcomed into the space and I feel comfortable to ask questions, voice concerns and have a joke with everyone! 

I could not possible rave more about Steph or the crew at Pilates HQ if I tried. The team are so helpful, lovely and even at 6:30 am are bright, bubbly and ready to torture you with killer workouts. They are half the reason I return each week - the other half is the variety of workouts, sessions and programs offered. I have been lucky enough to participate in the 12 Week Challenge, Yoga, Wellness Workshops and new classes including HIT Reformer Pilates. 

Whether you are a newbie, an experienced Pilates-er, overcoming injuries or looking for a new way to spice up your exercise routine Pilates HQ is for you. The crew are beautiful and listen to your voice. The space is so very safe and supporting. Once you step through the door, you won't look back.    


Thank you so much Steph and the crew at Pilates HQ! 


I am so grateful to you all