From 10 Target’ Pilates Mats and flyer drops to 7 Reformers and Facebook Ads, it has been a hell of a ride. Who would have thought that one Reformer purchased on Gumtree would lead to Pilates HQ, not me.

It was meant to be a reformer for me to use at home, to practice my own exercises on, but with the ebay app only a swipe and a tap away this 1 Reformer became, 1 reformer and a Trapeze Table. And not long after that, 2 Reformers a Trap table, a Wunda chair and a home Pilates Studio. I can’t exactly remember the details, but somehow I found myself teaching small group Pilates classes from home, and so.. one class became two, became four, became 10 and next thing, Duke (my dog) and I knew, we were greeting more and more people at the gate.

I could have continued on at home – but I think I wanted it to feel more real, for it to feel like a “real” business with a “real” studio and a “real” entrance that wasn’t covered in mud. But, the thought was always, what if no one comes, what if we spend all this money and can’t make it back. But, with a bit of a push and a lot of belief from Bayden and my family, we decided we would take the plunge.

So… 2 Reformers quickly became 3, then 4, then 6 and now 7. It went from just me and Duke in a spare room at home, to 5 other Pilates Instructors a new Pilates Studio and one year in Business as Pilates HQ.

So that’s how the Reformers and the studio all came about, but the feel and the values that we hold came about in a slightly different way.

I have lived with mental health issues for a long time now, and have done what I could and what I thought I should/ or what I felt society thought I should.  But that very first Pilates Reformer I bought, was the start of something that I did for me and no one else. Teaching Pilates was and still is something that makes me feel happy. If my day was dark then teaching a Pilates class would brighten it up and make me feel so much better.

So, it became clear that this was what I needed to do to make my life better. But in doing so I wanted to try to help others feel the same as I did. I wanted people to feel that by coming to a class at Pilates HQ it would brighten their day. I wanted to ensure that just as being at Pilates HQ and teaching Pilates was something that I did to help myself, that this could be something that others did for themselves. And it was from here that our Pilates HQ Values grew.

 If this could be a space I loved, a place that I could feel comfortable in, then that’s what I wanted it to be for every single person that would come through our doors...for this to be their Happy Place too!.

So that’s it, that’s how Pilates HQ came to be.

Over this past year  we have met so many friendly faces and have made many fond and happy memories. And it is thanks to family, friends, the HQ instructors and most of all, every single one of our HQ Clients that this last year has been possible. thank you to all of you... for making my happy place REAL.

Here’s to many more years at Pilates HQ!