To celebrate the month of April, we spoke to one of our incredible Clients Sam Jones.

Sam's reason for starting Reformer Pilates at Pilates HQ, was due to a niggling injury that wouldn't budge. Sam wanted to be able to move and be active with minimal pain, and thought Pilates was the perfect place to start! 

If you would love to learn more about Sams story, keep reading! 


Why did you start Pilates?

I had been having trouble with my back and was seeing a Chiropractor every 2 weeks without any real difference. I saw an ad for Pilates HQ and had thought about trying Pilates for a while, so thought I would try the introductory course.

How long have you been doing pilates for?

Almost 12 months

What is your favourite thing about coming to classes at Pilates HQ?

It’s a fun and friendly environment, the instructors are able to modify exercises to suit any injuries and I have always felt welcome.

What has kept you interested in Pilates and why do you keep coming back to class each week?

I have found I really enjoy the classes (to the point that I try to find a nearby studio when I’m away on holidays), I like seeing the progress I am making.

What improvements have you noticed since coming along to Pilates Classes regularly?

I am more flexible than I was and rarely have to see a chiropractor anymore. I have more confidence in what I am able to achieve and have seen a real progression. I have also been able to begin returning to running as I have found that my muscle tone and strength have improved. I feel fitter and am able to do much more with my kids.


Sam you are a legend and we love having you in the studio!

We really love sharing different stories about our clients as they are all so diverse. Reformer Pilates is not just for one body type or for one reason, it is for everyone.

Jump in, give it a go and you will see the exercises improve your strength, fitness and wellbeing. 

The Pilates HQ Team