This month we spoke to one of our incredible clients, Tatiana. After having a bub, this super mum wanted to work her overall health especially those pelvic floor & core muscles. Tatiana took the plunge and jumped into reformer pilates and has loved it ever since!

We had a chat to Tatiana recently to ask her a few questions about her Pilates Journey so far, here's what she had to say. 



 Why did you start Pilates?

My first experience with Pilates was in 2005 when I lived in Melbourne. It was floor pilates and I loved the benefits it brought. I moved to Avoca in 2006 and there weren't any options to continue. After moving to Ballarat and having my second child in 2016 I knew I needed to rebuild my core and pelvic floor and I knew I wanted to take up Pilates again. I just didn't know where. I saw the ad for Intro to Reformer Pilates classes on Facebook and jumped straight in. I had always wanted to try the reformer and felt comfortable with the idea of starting with people who were all completely new to the program.

How long have you been doing pilates for?

Six months.

 What is your favourite thing about coming to classes at Pilates HQ?

The instructors. They are all so friendly and welcoming. Even when I have had a bad day I walk into class and my mood is instantly turned around. And that’s before the class even starts! I have had classes with Kirsten and Jess and both are incredibly supportive. They pay attention to how you're doing to make sure you're getting the most out of the class without going beyond your capabilities.  

 What has kept you interested in Pilates and why do you keep coming back to class each week?

I have done something new in every class I have attended. I get bored easily and like to mix up my exercise regime. With reformer Pilates, there are just so many different exercises to do to work all the parts of the body that I don't get bored. I love coming to see what new challenge I'll be presented with.

I also feel that Pilates is something that I'll be able to do no matter how old I am, and that is really important to me. I want to stay as active as possible for as long as possible. I know I won't always be bootcamping, but I'm confident I'll be able to stick with Pilates.

What improvements have you noticed since coming along to Pilates Classes regularly?

My core and pelvic floor are much stronger. My posture is definitely improved and find that through these things, my abilities in my other workouts has improved. My flexibility was so poor when I first started but even that is getting better now.

"I'm so pleased that I tried Pilates HQ. I did try a couple of places in Ballarat before this one, and none of them had me hooked. Pilates HQ is a step above the rest."


Thank You Tatiana!


The Pilates HQ Team