This month we would like to shine the spotlight on one of our HQ clients, Rebecca Long, and everything that she has achieved since starting Pilates Classes with us five months ago.

Rebecca was in the first intake of our "Intro to Reformer Pilates" Course with Jess. Having never done a Pilates class before, Rebecca built up the courage to try something new and has been hooked ever since. 

After the 6 week course, Rebecca went onto our Beginner and now Intermediate Reformer Classes, and has even added in a third class to her weekly schedule. (How Freaking Awesome is that?!)

We had a chat to Rebecca recently to ask her a few questions about her Pilates Journey so far.



 Why did you start Pilates?

I had been wanting to do something about my fitness for a long time. I would often drive past Pilates HQ and think I would like to try Pilates but I was too scared to go in as my fitness was so poor. Last year I had a really challenging year and it was taking a toll on my mental health(I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder).  Both my parents had serious health issues and I realised I needed to do something to improve my fitness and help with my mental health. I happened to be on Facebook and I saw Steph's ad for and Introduction to Reformer Pilates for complete newbies. I plucked up the courage to email Steph to see if she thought I would be OK to try the course as I am a flexible as a plank of wood and have seen fitter corpses than myself. She was so lovely and helpful so I decided to join. Best decision I ever made. 

How long have you been doing pilates for?

Four months.

 What is your favourite thing about coming to classes at Pilates HQ?

 The people. Everybody is so welcoming. I felt comfortable the minute I walked in for my first class, which is unusual for me with my anxiety issues. The instructors are so helpful and friendly. Jess (who I see twice a week) is great and has bucket loads of patience with me. 

 What has kept you interested in Pilates and why do you keep coming back to class each week?

I always feel great after a class both mentally and physically. I walk out the door looking forward to the next class.
The classes are always varied and challenging but not impossible. Jess is always pushing us to try new exercises and push ourselves, as well has making sure we have the correct technique or posture. Also I'm hoping Jess will bust out some killer salsa moves mid class one day....

What improvements have you noticed since coming along to Pilates Classes regularly?

I feel so much stronger overall and have heaps more energy. I feel more confident in myself and mentally I feel stronger too. 

Why did you decide to start doing a two classes a week? 

I am really terrible at making time for myself. I have tried to make time and get motivated to exercise at home and have failed dismally each time. At the end of the introduction course Jess mentioned she was starting a Monday morning class for all levels. I was looking forward to my Friday class every week, for the first time it didn't feel like a chore to be exercising. So even though I am a lousy morning person I thought I would give it a go. Now I go every week twice a week. It's my time where I don't have to think/worry about anything except improving myself. 

And have you noticed any benefits from adding in a second class a week?

Yes, in my fitness and motivation. I am also a lot less awkward than I was and no longer feel like I am going to come flying off the machine. I'm now making time for myself at home getting up early, something I would never have contemplated prior to doing a 6am class. 

Thank you Steph for sharing your Happy Place with us all


Thank You Bec!


The Pilates HQ Team